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Browns fan goes on rant and jumps into Lake Erie after revenge loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers

Updated 7:04 PM ET, Mon December 2, 2019

(CNN) - The Cleveland Browns lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the second matchup between the two teams this year.

The loss was enough to send one dejected Browns fan into Lake Erie.

Joey Kinsley, who posted the video on his social media accounts under the handle @SirYacht, wrote: "Welp Browns' season is over after another loss to the Steelers and a QB named after a duck. I'm so done with them I jumped into Lake Erie."

Kinsley filmed himself getting out of his car, ranting about the Browns and walking toward what he claimed in the video is Lake Erie. He can be seen walking into the water and submerging himself in the water before getting back out.

Kinsley tells CNN that the act was spontaneous, but he has jumped into Lake Erie before as a diss to former Browns coach Hue Jackson, who once jumped into Lake Erie after the Browns went 0-16 in 2017. He said that he was filming a reaction video, as he does after all Browns games, when he decided to "jump in mid-video."

"The water was freezing," Kinsley tells CNN. "Could only stay under for less than a second before my breath was gone. Took two hot showers to warm back up and get the Lake Erie bacteria off me.

Even so, Kinsley said that he does not regret the decision even if he wishes the outcome of the game was different. He said that he shows his excitement and frustration through content creation, and it was "fun to see the video go viral."

Following the indefinite suspension of Browns defensive end Myles Garrett after he hit Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph with his helmet during a fight in the first matchup, the game seemed certain to feature some animosity.

Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens added fuel to the fire when he was spotted wearing a "Pittsburgh started it" T-shirt over the holiday weekend.

However, the Browns put forth a lackluster effort and lost to the Steelers 20-13, who were quarterbacked by Devlin "Duck" Hodges.

To say that the Browns have not lived up to all the preseason hype surrounding the team is an understatement, and this loss brings the team's record to 5-7.

Perhaps Kinsley said it best in his rant before walking into the lake.

"After all that hype, all that promise, all the talent that was assembled, it was all wasted," he said. "We lost to the Steelers — again!"

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