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Updated 8:44 AM ET, Sat August 1, 2020

(CNN) - "Go There" is a deeper look at the cultural, political and economic challenges affecting our lives. We're going to take you to the center of the story alongside our correspondents across the globe. Episodes premiere weekdays at 8 p.m. ET on Facebook. Check out some of our recent content below.

As pandemic lingers, food crisis worsens

Food insecurity is estimated to surge this year as many Americans -- particularly communities of color in urban areas -- struggle with unemployment due the worsening pandemic.

Whistleblower works to expose Siberian oil spill in Russia's Arctic

CNN investigates in the polluted Siberian town of Norilsk, where a whistleblower and an environmentalist are taking huge personal risks to expose a Russian metal giant's coverup of the May 29 rupturing of a fuel tank. A total of 21,000 tons of diesel poured into nearby rivers, creating one of the worst environmental catastrophes in the Arctic's history.

Gun violence surges across the US

Chicago, Atlanta and New York City are experiencing a spike in shootings and homicides this year. The increase in gun violence comes as cities reopen during a pandemic and mass anti-police brutality protests have led to law enforcement reforms and budget cuts.

These countries are accused of using Covid-19 to oppress citizens

Corrupt governments around the world are accused of using coronavirus to crack down on political opposition and curtail human rights. CNN's Arwa Damon speaks to an LGBT rights lawyer in Uganda, a Filipino activist, and a Hungarian journalist who say their governments are using the pandemic as a cover to abuse their power.

What Black parents are telling their children about racism

As protests continue nationwide over the death of George Floyd, many Black parents worry about the safety of their own children. CNN spoke to parents in Ohio and Pennsylvania about the conversations they are having with their sons and daughters about systemic racism in the United States.

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