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Amazon is removing QAnon merchandise from its site

By Alexis Benveniste, CNN Business

Updated: Wed, 13 Jan 2021 16:57:47 GMT

Source: CNN

Amazon said it is banning QAnon merchandise from its marketplace in response to the extremist group's role in attacking the US Capitol.

The company is in the process of removing QAnon products, but said it may take a few days to complete.

QAnon, the far-right conspiracy theory group whose believers view President Donald Trump as a hero fighting a "deep state" run by a cabal of satanic pedophiles, played a central role in the January 6 siege. In the past week, tech companies have sought to remove the group and its members from social media and other platforms.

Amazon said that any sellers attempting to dodge restrictions and list QAnon-related products would face potential termination of selling privileges.

The move comes just days after Amazon removed Parler, the alternative social media platform favored by the far-right, from its cloud hosting service, Amazon Web Services.

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