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A career in music isn’t in Ben Affleck’s future, but at least his go-to drink at his favorite coffee chain — Dunkin’ — is getting easier to order.

Beginning Monday, Dunkin’ is launching the “DunKings Menu,” a limited-time selection of food and drinks named after Affleck’s failed attempt to impress wife Jennifer Lopez with his own musical talents (or lack thereof) in a Super Bowl ad on Sunday.

Limited-time offerings at quick-serve restaurant chains can help temporarily boost profit and sales by persuading customers to try the brand’s new items – and perhaps find some new loyal customers along the way.

Last year’s Super Bowl ad for Dunkin’, which also starred Affleck, helped sell more donuts the following day “than any other day in their history,” a person close to the campaign told CNN last week. Affleck was paid close to $10 million dollars for last year’s Dunkin’ commercial, according to three sources with knowledge of the partnership.

Dunkin’, a privately held brand, doesn’t publicly disclose numbers, but other fast food chains have found success with celebrity-backed menus. McDonald’s catapulted sales with a Travis Scott menu in 2020, with rivals copying the idea soon after.

The “DunKings Menu” includes Affleck’s favorite iced coffee, a drink that includes cream, a sweet cold foam topping and a dusting of cinnamon sugar.

Also included is the “DunKings Munchkin skewer,” which includes three assorted donut holes on a skewer that, “like the olive in a martini, offers a playful bite to every sip,” Dunkin’ said in a press release.

The recent Dunkin’ ad also starred Affleck’s buddy Matt Damon and former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who are also deeply associated with Boston where Dunkin’ got its start. The trio performed for Lopez, rapper Jack Harlow and Fat Joe — much to their horror — and got rejected from the recording studio.

The DunKings can “find solace in their setback with the anticipation of finally earning a spot on the Dunkin’ menu,” the chain said in the release. “This ambition leads to the creation of a drink and donut duo as whimsical as their distinctive tracksuits – a combination that captures the brand’s vibrant energy.”

Affleck first appeared in a Dunkin’ ad during last year’s Super Bowl. The new spot marked the “latest installment in the ‘Dunkin’ Cinematic Universe,’” which began with a teaser for his new boy band during the Grammys two weeks ago.

A few other limited-time menu items are also dropping on Monday, exclusively through the Dunkin’ app, including a new egg sandwich on an everything-seasoned bagel, an iced coffee with hazelnut and whole milk and a new raspberry-flavored iced tea.

The Dunkin-themed track suits seen in the ad are also going on sale Monday at noon ET on a special website.

CNN’s Elizabeth Wagmeister contributed to this report.

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